NM Trial routes

Matrials for Trial Routes to be flown as practice leading up to the Nordic Championship in Precision Flying 2018 in Skive, Denmark.

The zipped folders each  include:
– a fligt instruction
– an A3 map similar to the maps that will be used in the competition
– the map split in two A-4 for assembly – for users without access to an A3 printer
– photos of turning points
– enroute photos (please note that the photos are not new, but from earlier competitions)

Special attention: The original maps have recently been updated, and some details have been left out. For instance, some minor roads are not marked, and this means that some of the turning points are not clearly as descried in the flight instruction. In this case, use the center of the marked circle as turning point.

For the real Championship competition, the same map will be used, and all turning points will be in clearly marked locations on the map.

Please click on the links below for Trail route materials:

NM 2018 Trial Route 1

NM 2018 Trial Route 2


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